lundi 31 juillet 2006

Nouvel album de Richard Buckner le 12 septembre

"On September 12th, Merge Records will release Meadow, the 8th full-length from Richard Buckner. Recorded in and around Brooklyn, NY, this new album marks the auspicious reunion of Buckner and J.D. Foster, producer of Buckner classics Since, Devotion + Doubt and Impasse. The album was recorded in rather Spartan environments – Buckner’s apartment, JD’s hallway and an old pencil factory.

Meadow soars and swells around Buckner’s signature trifecta of enigmatic poetics, swirling melodies, and that voice – a soothing drawl that’s somehow haunting and buoyant all at once. The melodies are fleshed out by a band that reads like an all-star line-up: Doug Gillard (Guided By Voices, Cobre Verde, solo); Kevin March (GBV, Those Bastard Souls, Dambuilders); JD Foster, and Steven Goulding (Mekons, Gram Parker, Waco Brothers). Doug Gillard’s guitar work is especially poignant, as he and Buckner play off one another beautifully to add an element to the recordings that is refreshing and new.

Meadow is Richard Buckner at his finest. Fresh and evocative, poignant and real, it documents the modern age wrapped up in the frustrations and sympathies of a wanderer (Austin Chronicle).

Track Listing:

The Tether And The Tie"

Richard Buckner - Town (MP3)

Meadow (sortie le 12/09 - Merge Records)

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David a dit…

Excellente nouvelle! Un album de Richard Buckner n'est jamais à négliger.