dimanche 23 novembre 2008

No Depression #50 • March-April 2004

Morceaux choisis...

Grey DeLisle - Sharecroppin' Man (MP3)
[sur The Graceful Ghost]
“Grey DeLisle has a dream : she is performing with Loretta Lynn when Wanda Jackson comes onto stage. Somehow a plastic "Roy Rogers type guitar from the 50's" materializes in DeLisle's hands and her first thought is to find a marker so Jackson can autograph it. When she does, the ink won't stick to the plastic, and Grey becomes panicked. [...] A week after awaking from this nightmare, DeLisle was asked to open for Wanda Jackson in Hollywood, and she's stoked. "I mean. I'm. Playing. With. WANDA JACKSON!"“
page 51, A Remembrance of Things Past by Silas House.

Patty Griffin - Top Of The World (MP3)
[sur Impossible Dream]
“The Chicks invited Griffin to open a host of date on their tour, and their scorching ascent dragged the titian-haired, reserved, Maine-born singer-songwriter along like a kite tail tied to the space shuttle. Previously, her Austin fans had been more accustomed to seeing her in the cozy acoustic-music confines of the 150-seat Cactus Cafe. [...] But now she contemplated facing nearly 18000 boisterous, pent-up Dixie Chicks fans, most of whom seemed to be willowy teenage girls in zebra-striped cowboys hats. [...] "It wasn't even nerve-wracking," she said much later. "It seems like you're so far away from the audience, and that's not my favorite way to play a show. It's not," she concluded, laughing, "my cup of tea."“
page 92, Gliding Bird by John T. Davis.

BR549 - No Friend Of Mine (MP3)
[sur Tangled In The Pines]
“From the days of sold-out show at Robert's to packed clubs on the road, BR549 fans tend to be wildly devoted. Partly it's the wise-guy fun that Mead and his partners-in-crime bring to their modern take on traditional honky-tonk. Partly it's just that people who love this style of music fear that it's perpetually on the brink of extinction, since country radio and Music Row ignore it. Dale Watson, the Derailers, Wayne Hancock and others attract the same kind of cultish devotion.“
page 84, BR549 Go Back to Lower Broadway by Michael McCall.


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Erwan a dit…

Oh comme c'est joli ici :-)
Très bel en-tête de blog!

Thanu a dit…

Merci! Premier changement de look en plus de 3 ans d'activités... il était temps!