mardi 4 octobre 2005

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - The End

Pluie de louanges pour Jacksonville City Nights le nouvel album de Ryan Adams :

"You could be forgiven for not noticing, but earlier this year Adams started writing good songs again. (...) The second leg of Adams and the Cardinals' three-albums-in-one-year gimmickathon, Jacksonville City Nights, is even better. (...) Jacksonville City Nights is a well-lit snapshot of a talented mythmaker modeling his best honky-tonk garb-- and this time, holy shtick, the tailoring is almost impeccable."
Marc Hogan - Pitchfork Media

"Taking cues from Southern bards such as Gram Parsons and Townes Van Zandt, Jacksonville City Nights is also classic Adams -- earthy, rich with pathos and almost disconcertingly dedicated to the idea that life's only two constants are losing a lover you probably didn't deserve in the first place and losing yourself in the bottom of a fifth of Jack Daniel's."
Jenny Eliscu - Rolling Stone

"The mediocrity of an overkill of material burns itself out with a return to the heady highs of Adams’ Whiskeytown days. Ah. It’s nice to have Ryan back."
Marc Whitfield - Americana UK

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3 commentaires:

Distance a dit…

Du Tres bon !!!
j'approuve a fond.

Thanu a dit…

Ah ça fait plaisir de rencontrer quelqu'un qui ne déteste pas Ryan Adams!

Anonyme a dit…


je me permets de vous/t'annoncer qu'il y a désormais un nouveau forum/site entièrement consacré à Ryan Adams :

en espérant pouvoir vous rencontrer là-bas...

En espérant aussi ne pas polluer ton blog,